One Man Down with No Suspension

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Hello faithful blog followers!

We have been missing Melanie, but we have still accomplished a lot today. We did deworming and fluoride treatments at Luz de Valle School. Many of the kids from Tejeras (the village on the highway) go to this school. However only 24 students were there today which is down from past attendance. We made sure to review dental hygeine and to share our reason for visiting them…to share the love of Jesus. We played “solamente manos” with the beachballs and had a great time. The joy that a beachball and bubbles brings to these kids is so precious that it never gets old to me.

Later, the three of us “jovenes”, Megan, Corey, and myself went to the health department to meet up with Dr. Turcios Gilberto. I was able to see patients with him and talk about our hopes for a mission at the new Quimistan Hospital. He is a great doctor with a gentle bedside manner and a special gift for counseling. He has started a Mental Health Clinic as well. Megan helped in the vaccination room and asked many questions about the endemic viruses and parasites. Corey observed the pharmacy and spoke with the workers about what kind of diseases are most prevalent in the area. The health clinic offers vaccines, family planning material, prenatal care, and basic health advice. Most common presenting complaints include asthma, diarrhea, and diabetes. Unfortunately we did not get any pictures to share from the health department, only information but I consider it equally valuable.

Roxanne and Sam had a lot of business-y items to attend to today. Roxanne spent a lot of time at the bank and Sam searched for a Ford mechanic since we realized the rear shocks were shot in the Expedition. Perhaps the “road” (it was more like a foot path) to the waterfalls was a little too steep and bumpy or perhaps we have been piling too many Norte Americano behinds into the back seat. Regardless, the Expedition has an appointment for a tune up in the morning and will hopefully be well in time to take us jovenes to the airport on Saturday.

Martha, “the Queen” of this beautiful ranch, has returned from the States today and we shared dinner with her and her husband, Gary, tonight. We look forward to all she has to tell about her ministry here in Quimistan. It is obvious that she touches many in the community.

 Here Pablo and Corey clean the dishes from our delicious dinner of fried chicken and french fries. Since it is such a favorite, it is one of the only meals that has been repeated. Below, a typical early evening view.

That is all…
Brittany 🙂