Organizing Day

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We spent the morning going over Vacation Bible School materials and getting individual assignments from Roxanne, who is leading us in this effort. Above, you see us packaging little items, that support the lesson, to go home with each child. We then went into a handwashing, de-worming, tooth brushing, and fluoride update.
In the afternoon we re-organized glasses. Dan has come up with a new system to store the glasses to make it easier for distribution – we are anxious to try out it out tomorrow.
Most of the team (save for Dan, who met with Dr. Tino) then drove to Santa Clara to visit the White Dove school run by A and S.  We are chatting in front of one of the classrooms.  They have done an amazing job of setting up this school.  They are ready to begin instruction tomorrow for pre-K clear through 4th grade.  Each year they are attempting to add an additional grade.
A gave Allen a tour of the road drainage problems near the White Dove School that HAF funded to improve.
After dinner we were entertained by children from Sandra’s church.  They did a very inspiring drama to a musical passage, based on Samuel.  Afterwards, some older girls did a lovely creative musical dance by candlelight. We were all moved and impressed with how well these children performed.  A great deal of effort went into the costumes.