Our Day at El Pinal

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Today we drove about a half hour out of Quimistan up a very rough road to the village of El Pinal.  HAF has worked in this village before and funded the construction of one of the school classrooms.

Entering the village of El Pinal.

Starting VBS.

The music workshop underway with Sam joining in..
The art class at work. 
Relay races with Father John as the turn-around post!.
Maynor explaining The Fruit of the Spirit-patience, after playing a game. 
The children getting their snack and activity bags at the end of the session.
Little children observing.
Special moment—one of our team members, who was in this village 4 years ago and bonded with a child, was able to reunite with him again.
Final note – the VBS material (which was a tremendous effort) is excellent.  We have had to tweak the materials around a bit, but each day we have gotten better with the presentation.  Today, we were all quite pleased.