Our smallest, yet ‘wildest’ VBS

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Jicaro – pronouced “Hic-a-ro” – another short but difficult drive to this village outside Quimistan. While not one of our ‘holistic’ villages, the Foundation has invested in latrines and electricity for the one room school.

Welcome sign to Jicaro with the school in the background.

This group of kids was our smallest for the medical activities and Vacation Bible School, but they had a ‘wild’ spirit that made the day fun.  At the teacher’s request, we flexed our schedule to fit the medical and VBS in between 0930 and 1230.  The adults in the village had been told to come at 1pm for eyeglass fitting.  Twenty kids in the class, another four walk-ins and then two dozen adults were served today.  The photos below show each stage of the process:

Handwashing with John and Ingrid instructing.
Toothbrushing with Estela and Stanley instructing.
Parasite medicine (de-worming) delivered by Sam.
Fluoride rinsing with Roxanne and Maynor swishing away.
Main Vacation Bible School presentation – Stanley, Ingrid and Estela delivered the message.
Games with John and Maynor – who do a great job explaining the Fruits that are in play.
Music with Ingrid and Sam – the kids knew which song best?  “If you are Happy and you know it…”
Drama with Dan, Daniel and Sam/Rox. We performed two skits: one where Jesus heals the paralyzed man and one where Jesus saves the condemned woman from stoning.
Eyeglass fitting with virtually the whole team involved (even some playing with the kids outside). This picture is earlier in the week, but each set up was the same.  Registration at the door, screening and Focometer measurements center left, fitting from the boxes on the right (both distance and readers), and finally selection of sunglasses.

I think I can speak for the whole Team when I say this has been busy, tiring, fulfilling and fun.  With the Lord’s help we have managed to reach out to:

~90 kids for Fl, DeW, Tbrsh              57 kids, 8 adults in VBS     ~20 adults fitted for glasses
~70 for Fl, Dew, Tbrsh                        ~65 in VBS                            ~40 fitted for glasses

El Pinal
~60 for Fl, DeW, Tbrsh                       ~50 in VBS, age 5 & up      ~30 fitted for glasses

~24 for Fl, DeW, Tbrsh                       ~20 in VBS                            ~24 fitted for glasses


We feel truly blessed and extend our thanks to the Foundation’s supports, the Team, our Honduran members especially, and to the various community leaders and teachers who helped us demonstrate God’s love – AMOR!