Partings and Partnering

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This morning, we managed to get a good team photo before the tearful departure of half of our team, as Naomi, Megan, Dane, John, and Bill left for the airport about 8:30 AM.

Later, Kathy and Tommy, with the help of AP student Ingrid, spent most of the morning organizing the glasses, toothbrushes, and toothpaste for future use.

Meanwhile, Dan and Bonnie returned to Los Panales to complete our solar panel project there.  (See the next blog entry for the final chapter in that story!)
After lunch, we visited with Martha’s Bible study, which drew about 60-65 children.  Following an entertaining dance by some of the students, the class divided up into 3 groups to study from Galatians while memorizing chapter 1:11-12. 

For dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful meal of chicken, rice, potato salad, and a fruit cocktail prepared by Sonia Santos, the teacher at the Nueva Esperanza school.  This was to express her grateful appreciation for the work that our HAF teams have done for their school and community.

While we missed having our other teammates present, the remaining members had a very full day, enriched by just a few of the many blessings we continually experience while in the Quimistan area.