Re-visiting Los Panales

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Buenos Noches!

We started the day digging a trench to drain a field and clearing weeds at Tranquilidad. We were also able to start a project to build a gutter for catching rain water. After only one injury requiring stitches, (Dane is now OK) Martha did make an interesting observation that the Traquilidad land has now been purified by sacrificial blood.

In the afternoon, we brought toothbrushes, de-worming pills, and flouride treatment to the schoolhouse at Las Panales. Dan worked on the solar panel, and he was able to get some of the lightbulbs working. Most importantly, we got a radio to work so that everyone could listen to the Honduras – USA soccer game! This was the first time that the de-worming pills were given. The kids seemed to like the chewable, orange-flavored tablets. They went down easily and with smiles! After the kids went to four stations (washing hands, medication, tooth brushing, flouride), we got to play. The balloons were popular as always, but the bubbles were particularly fascinating. We taught all of the kids how to blow bubbles with entertaining results!

Now we are preparing for VBS tomorrow while we watch the soccer game!

Hasta luego!