Ready-Set-Go for the Dental Clinic Start

Today was a busy day starting well before sunrise when the 4 additional members of our Dental Team headed to the airport for their flight via Atlanta to San Pedro Sula. Our prayers were answered when they landed safely and arrived in Quimistan about 1:15pm.

Meanwhile the four “advance guard” team members went up into the mountains again this morning where we held a hygiene clinic in El Venado.

Following the clinic, the children enjoyed the Bible story of the 5 loaves and two fish and the associated craft. Also, 21 homemade dresses were handed out to nearly all of the girls in the class. Dr. Patty then did a dental screening on all 38 of the children in the school and identified the 10 that most need to come to Quimistan for dental treatment on Friday.

The entire team came together for a late lunch at Martha’s compound. We then began the set-up for the dental clinic in the Quimistan Hospital, “Gracias a Dios”. At 4:00 we took a break from setting up to attend and assist with the Tejeras feeding. After the children completed eating, they lined up to receive clothing and flip-flops that the dentists brought from Aiken.   The children were extremely happy with their new items.

DSC01266 DSC01269DSC01316

Following Tejeras, several members of the team returned to the clinic to finish setting up for tomorrow’s dental clinic where the dentists expect to treat 10 children from Teo (who have never ever been to a dentist) and about 16 AP children (including some on the new AP children who also have not been to a dentist before).

This afternoon, Tommy also had a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Jessy, his AP student. He took her shopping to get a much-needed backpack, and a scientific calculator, which she says they will need to start learning to use in school in 2 just days! What good timing!  Jessy was also happy to get a CD of her favorite singer and a CD player.

Although the day was long, we thank God that everything went according to plan – especially His plan.

God is good!

Leroy and Tommy