Rinse and Spit

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After a good nights rest a group of us traveled about 20 minutes to a school where we did more fluoride and worm treatments on students there. Most of them enjoyed the worm treatment (banana flavored!) but, the fluoride was a little more difficult. (The picture to the left is them “swishing”) The kids were so appreciative of us being there and playing frisbee and football with them afterward. They also loved our cameras! We took tons of pictures of them and they were so tickled to look at them on the screens.
A group also went to a construction sight where they started building the foundation of a school. They carried boulders up a hill to start the building process.
Right before lunch Marquita, Avent, Donna and Jim went to a “home” with Martha where she showed us where 2 families were sharing a living space. We all agreed that we had never seen anything like this before, our hearts broke with them.
After lunch, we went to the eye clinic where we saw 25 people, which we hope in the next couple of days will increase with “town talk”. The people were so grateful to be able to see better.

We had a wonderful day and saw some old friends and met many, many more! Please keep Randell Foxworth in your prayers, he has been feeling bad all day. Thank y’all for all your prayers and support! We wouldn’t be here without you and the Lord’s grace that brought us here!

Avent Clark