Rise and Shine and Sweat

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Our day started out at the crack of dawn as we headed back to Santa Clara at precisely 7am. Since the students at White Dove Bilingual School were not in class yesterday afternoon, we distributed the tote bags full of school supplies and shared encouraging words with the children. The students were able to talk to us in English and even sang a few songs for us. After too short of a visit, we said goodbye and headed back to Quimistan. On the way back, some of the team members stopped to cross the suspended bridge that crosses the river. A few years ago, some of us had to cross the same bridge and had to jump over the boardless areas. Luckily the bridge was fixed this time and our team was able to see one of the most beautiful spots in all of Honduras.

Next we went to the elementary school to make sure the children were brushing their teeth correctly after their snack. It was a little chaotic, but everyone was doing a great job. It was nice seeing all of our new friends one more time.
Straight from the school, we packed our lunch and went to La Montanita. Our purpose there was to visit the group of ladies who sew the tortilla cloths. We picked up the cloths from a previous order and ordered more to sell at home. All of the profits will go back to the women. It was neat to hear the ladies talk about their work. Also, their children gathered around so some of us played with bubbles. 
The sun was high in the sky as we got back in the cars and traveled to Banderas. Once we arrived at the school, we set up for the eye clinic. Over the few hours, we distributed about 50 reading glasses to the people in the community. Since it was light work, the rest of the team participated and watched a rather intense game of Monkey in the Middle and soccer.
Finally, we arrived back at Sister Martha’s. It was a long, hot day, but we were able to share the love and hope of Jesus with people all around the Quimistan Valley. To refresh ourselves, some of us took motortaxis to Shirley’s and treated ourselves to ice cream.
Cecelia and Barb
Sorry for the lack of pictures tonight! The internet connection is being very slow and refuses to do what we’re asking. More tomorrow!