Rocky Mountain Way

As I open the Bordega of knowledge acquired from our travels today, I was reminded of the difficulty that Jesus must have endured as he went in to His Fathers creation to bring hope into the small communities of Israel and Samaria. Jesus simply did not stand on a corner or remain in a synagogue preaching, He interacted with those whom came seeking Him and even those He reach un-expectantly… He offer a commodity greater than all the gold in this world, he offered hope through a new beginning…

The more time I spend in this beautiful land, the more I realize the importance of sharing the mission of Jesus Christ. Today the Lord blessed our team with pleasant weather and maybe most importantly no rain. We traveled to 3 Federation mountain outposts. Teo, Arena Blanca (White Sands) and El Venado (The Deer) was the scheduled visits for the day… I am a bit out of my comfort zone on this trip because I have not mixed any Mook, broke any scaffolds or listened to the crunch of Doom blaring in the background, but what has improved this trip is my communication skills and getting a first-hand look at the scope and body of work that the Fine folks of the Agape Foundation plan for those willing to serve the Lord and the people of Honduras.

After we ate our pancake breakfast, we settled into the little red war wagon with Pablo Francisco jamming gears and sliding sideway through the muddy roads to make the long and difficult journey above the clouds… We arrived at Teo in the midst of a grand celebration. This community finally has electrical service… It is 2014 and they have been given a 19th century utility. I must reiterate the fact that they did not simply receive this… They, the community worked together to help build this system. That is why they thrive, even in the middle of nowhere. We need to consider what they do together, it is not about keeping up with the Jones, because they are a true community and care for one another much in the way that the Bible teaches… I have often described this section of Honduras in this way, ‘Once you leave the pavement, you enter a different world and Teo close to the edge of it…

We met with several students and updated their progress of higher educational The Patronado’s requested additional medical supplies and the church leaders asked for continued support with Sunday school supplies. There were a few suggestions for improvements to the school. A new class room was added in 2013, but with the introduction of electricity we may consider adding lights and fans to the school. After the meeting we were invited to eat B-B-Que chicken and beef for lunch at Juan Jose home.

We began our trek back down the mountain and stopped at Arena Blanca to get updates on the projects there. The leadership told Daniela and Mynor that their major need was a new water system because the community had grown since the Foundation built a water collection system a few years ago. They also need a new roof installed on the community/kindergarten building. From there we completed our goal for the day by visiting the El Venado community. They have three churches in this community and all requested bibles and supplies for worship. They also discussed a need to repair the water system and replace some deteriorated pipes.

We arrived back at Villa Celia Defina by 5 pm just in time to clean up a bit and go out to our favorite local restaurant and eat some fried chicken with Sandra and Gloria as our guest. They always do such a wonderful job of serving us meals, washing laundry and keeping us stocked up on our favorite drinks. I love to go into the dining hall early in the morning while they prepare the food and dance with them. I have heard them call me a ‘loco gringo’ but I have so ‘Mucha amor para ellos’ it does not matter what they call me. I am off to bed now. By the way this is not DeeDee, it is Marco Francisco from Wilkesboro, who was trained in the blogosphere by the one and only Blog Over Lord B-Rad Tripplet.

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