Saturday Fellowship

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Saturday morning after devotional and breakfast we had time to meet with the AP children whom several of the team members sponsor.  Three of us, along with two of the sponsored children and our faithful translator, took three-wheeled motor taxis to downtown Quimistan for some shopping.  The girls needed some school supplies and shoes.  Naturally shopping for girls shoes took visits to three different stores before all were happy.
Upon returning for lunch we encountered an expanded set of two tables of multi-generational missionaries and our dear friends from Honduras.  We enjoyed the meal and fellowship.  Without prompting the young children cleared the tables and washed the dishes.  After lunch we enjoyed more visitations with our “Honduran families”.  In the late afternoon the team spent an enjoyable hour-plus with Sam and Roxanne touring the construction site of their proposed Children’s Home, “Tranquilidad”.  This is a love project being built from the ground up.  The grounds have been fenced, the plans approved, the water well with a storage tank is operational, and the main building is sprouting from the ground.  Sam has planted a small parcel and the vegetables are thriving.
Prior to dinner the team sorted eye glasses and filled the traveling box that will be used Monday and Tuesday as we visit four more hilltop villages to conduct hygiene and vision clinics. After dinner we had a time of fellowship and reflection.

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