Saturday, June 21, 2008: A Dios

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Adios de Honduras! Adios is one of the handful of Spanish words that every member of our team knows and uses frequently. Adiós, of course, is Spanish for “goodbye”. Literally translated, the word is the contraction of “a” (to) and “Dios” (God), from the old Spanish phrase “A Dios vais” (“You’re going to God”, meaning to the Kingdom of Heaven). As we say goodbye to Honduras on this our last evening, it strikes me that there could be no more meaningful phrase.

Adios to Honduras. To God we show our love, by sharing ourselves with the people of Quimistan. To God we give our thanks, for protecting us and giving us this opportunity. To God we dedicate our work here. To God we give the glory. A Dios!

Beth Eberhard