Sunday: Agape Promises Students

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In the afternoon, we visited the Agape Promise children (50) who were joined by 30 others from the community. The younger children met in the private kindergarten classroom and the older ones were in the shade of the tree in the yard. After a Bible study, a meal was served and birthday cake was enjoyed for Maynor’s birthday! Members of our team were able to meet with the children whom they sponsor. Gifts ‘n hugs were exchanged and school grades discussed. We were able to see the swings in use which HAF built and see the wall that was constructed. Following our visit, we strolled along the main street past the one traffic light, through the park, and to the cafe’ where we cooled off with ice cream! We walked to see Maynor’s office, which is equipped adequately. A room next to his is used by Dr. Tino, who sees diabetic patients.