Sunday is a time of devotion and nourishment

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Sunday was a time of devotion, service, and nourishment to hungry souls.  At 9:00 a.m. we arrived at the roadside squatters’ settlement (Tejeras) outside of Quimistan to participate in the weekly Bible study program for some 50-plus children.  Sandra served up another of her marvelous teachings with the help of a colorful poster she had prepared.  The children who used to be so rambunctious were attentive as Sandra explained the parable of the talents and how it applies to their lives.  Of course it helps that she loves every one of the children and will call them by name to encourage their rapt attention.  Wow!  What a loving and effective teacher she is with those children.  Following her Bible teaching and some songs, the team assisted in feeding the children.  The Tejeras feeding program also provides two additional meals during the week.  The program, underwritten by the foundation and its friends, provides a nourishing hot meal and Bible lessons now keyed towards two age groups.
After lunch the team traveled to one of the Quimistan kindergarten schools where the foundation gathers it’s some 50+ Agape Promises students for a 90 minute Bible study followed by a hot meal served by the team members.  This is an ongoing weekly program that the AP students must participate in to remain in the program.  The teacher for the teenagers was ill, allowing the team to witness another “God moment”.  Mike and Valerie Moon had joined the team for just this weekend to have a break from their teaching duties at the White Dove Bilingual School in Santa Clara.  When Maynor asked if a team member might have something to say to the assembled group of older students, Mike was drafted.  With Valerie’s able assistance, the students got a strictly impromptu teaching from 1 John 4:7-11.  What Mike and Val thought was to be a time away from service turned into another opportunity for two days of fellowship and service to the Lord.