Sunday: Tejeras

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Sunday morning: visit to Tejeras: a village along a very busy highway where the trucks fly by toward San Pedro Sula…. This year the feeding area has been moved across the road and has a fence so the children are not in as much danger as before. When we arrived, the children were sitting in rows in plastic chairs and one of our sweet cooks was sharing the story of David, Samuel, and King Saul with them. Luckily, we knew the story and thus were able to follow her teaching. We had 65 children and each brought a bowl and cup and we were able to feed them a meal. (Rice with vegetables which they ate with a tortilla instead of a spoon). We were impressed at the way they behaved – thanks to the ability of the teacher. The older kids took care of the younger ones. A minister, one of the teachers, had been bitten by a family pet dog the night before and needed help from our first aid kit instead of the lemon juice he had used the night before. Allen turned medic and we left the gentleman some of the first aid medications that we brought with us for emergencies…. Catherine