Sunshine and Smiles at Santa Clara

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Today we visited two schools in Santa Clara.  In the morning we went to The White Dove School, which is a private bilingual school, and conducted a hygiene brigade.  We continued with our story of Jonah and made the whales again.  This time it went smoother and was less chaotic.  By the end of the week we should have this perfected.  The children loved the whales and enjoyed drawing the faces on them.  Some even had eyelashes!  

Our afternoon visit was to the Santa Clara public school, Jose Cecillo del Valle, with another hygiene brigade.  The children were very appreciative and some of them sang a song to us expressing their gratitude for the special gift we gave them.
The picture below shows us giving them the deworming pill and saying “mastica, mastica bien” which means “chew, chew well.”

The team leaders talked with the principal and community leaders about the funding the HAF board has approved for this year for some construction work at the school.
Looking forward to another exciting day of whale making tomorrow.
Vicki and Mandy