Surprise Meetings at the Hardware Store

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Upon our return from visiting Santa Clara this morning, Katherine and I went to the hardware store to check the price for blackboard paint. While waiting, another lady came in and asked us in English, “Is there no one here?” To which we answered, “A lady just went to the back.” She then asked who we were and what we were about? We explained we were here on a mission trip to which she responded,”I want to help the people here. I have just retired and have moved to Pinalejo and I want to get involved.” She then explained that she was a CPA and secretary and had just retired from working in Miami and was in the process of moving back to her hometown. We sent her across the street to the office to meet Maynor and Roxanne.

Then, 4 “gringos” walked in and immediately wanted to know who I was and what was I doing here. They were four young engineers from Detroit, working with “Engineers Without Borders”. They were working a water project up north of Pinalejo and were in Quimistan looking for chlorine powder for the system. We exchanged e-mail addresses and they were very interested in networking with others working in Honduras. I told them of the October meeting in Copan that Allen has attended and I told them I would send them the HAF website address and other info that we have. They also expressed an interest in other projects in the area and asked if we knew of any.

So we had two “God-incidents” in a period of less that 5 minutes. That’s pretty cool; we serve an AWESOME GOD!!!!!!!!