Tejeras Mosh Pit

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As the construction phase closed out today, I think we all can say, “muy bien” or translation: “very good.” The crew at Gloria’s home worked fervently to complete the pour on the rear veranda, or in southern speak – the porch. Stanley led the charge as usual; Jen, B-Rad, Hans and Frans, along with our adopted friends from South Carolina Team Aiken N Hurtin’, joined at the mook pile for Mas Mook Siesta! Fighting grueling conditions as usual they persevered and came through like the champions that they are.  All the while our trusty and faithful bus drivers sat in the cool shade of the home and watched Futbol’ until time to go to the restaurant at eat fried chicken… Again!

After lunch, the team divided into maybe three separate and distinct parties. Mater, Carl, Stan the Man, Jen, B-Rad, Hans and Frans returned to Gloria’s home to continue the Mooking Siesta and complete the second phase of the Pila. Once the mook was placed, Stan the Man, who is only 5′-5″, had to lie across the Pila to shape the concrete. The dude has some serious abs, but several team members had to assist by holding his legs to prevent him from face planting the Mook. B-Rad and Frans continued to pound in Gloria’s bedroom creating a new access to her brand new, and well deserved baño (bathroom). They completed that task with a vengeance that would surpass Superman busting through a brick wall!

Team two, consisting of Ajax, Aiken n Hurtin’, Coop, Jeff-Ray, Arooon, Lorie, Narnie, and Joe left the mess hall with bellies full of artery busting chicken. Folks, Colonel Saunders can’t touch this doom of the grease that is oozing out of this pollo (chicken). They headed off to Santa Clara to deliver the communion set to Arturo and visited the children who were located there.

We completed our day at the Tejeras… For those who are not familiar with this area, let me say this… We should consider all that we have been blessed with, my friends. They literally live on the side of the road in shacks, and not just any road… this would be like I-85 at rush hour. Semi-trucks blasting through at half the speed of smell, while these precious little children of God play precariously just yards from the highway! There I met Kevin for the first time. He was the little boy that was severely burned about a year ago while collecting plastic bottles in a trash pile. Thank God someone in San Pedro Sula had connections in Boston, Mass to save three of his limbs. He lost all his toes and the fingers on his right hand, but showed no signs of pity. He was this vibrant litte boy that had accepted the cards that life had dealt him and he carried a beautiful smile that only God could supply. After feeding the children, which is part of Sandra’s ministry, Chris Jericho broke out the the soccer ball and mayhem ensued… Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! A 60 versus 1 Mosh Pit broke out as the children introduced us to a new Honduran game called Rugby Soccer! Chris succumbed to the relentless pounding as the children drug him down and started the ground-n-pound method of removing said soccer ball from his hand. Chris scraped his knee during the melee and the Type O Negative oozed from his wounds, which required more first aid action.

The day was completed with a wonderful dinner provided by Gloria and Sandra. Devotions and blessing were led by Jarred and Mark, who delivered a powerful and emotional devotion based on the scripture from Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. All you bloggers, please read chapter 3:4b-13 and consider or weigh out the choices in your life. Everything in life is but rubbish compared to a relationship in Christ Jesus. Consider this: we are blessed and yet we want more. I have seen a lot of sad things here this past two weeks, and yet there is so much joy in the eyes of these children. I am blessed to have been a part of this team and I hope to share my experiences with many, many people.

P90X ain’t got nothin’ on Stan the man

Futbol or drying paint?  What’s more boring?
 Pounding… Mas pounding!


 That looks like the chicken leg we ate for lunch