Tejeras Treatments and Vacation Bible School

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On Thursday night after dinner, under the direction of Sandra, several AP boys did a dramatic presentation of passages from Samuel.  Following the play, AP girls did a wonderful candlelight creative dance to music.  Thank you Sandra and the children.

Friday turned out to be a long, tiring but rewarding day.  We spent the morning and afternoon at the Tejeras school.  It started with eyeglass measuring using the focometer and then fitting adults with glasses.  The new storage system for dispensing eyeglasses worked very well.  While this was going on, the children went through the handwashing, deworming, tooth brushing and fluoride treatment stations.
After lunch, we did vacation bible school using the new curriculum.  All the children attended the main lesson on the theme “Fruits of the Spirit” at the beginning.  Here, AP students Estilla and Ingrid helped lead the teaching and did a wonderful job.  Stanley also spoke about the fruits while Sam helped the kids get tall enough to stick them on our tree. Afterwards, the children divided into groups and did music, art, drama, and sports.  At the end the children were fed an evening meal.
After finishing at the school, we went over to the Tejeras community along the road and fed the smaller children.  We also helped hand out some of the 25 dresses we had given to Pastor Wilmer for distribution.  These beautiful dresses were handmade and donated by a lady in Aiken.  It was a joy (one of the Furits of the Spirit) to see the little girls’ faces light up when they received their dresses.  What a wonderful gift for them!
At the end of the day, we reflected on how wonderful it had been.  God was using our heads, hands and feet  to spread the gospel and help the people of Honduras.  Praise the Lord!