Teo Attends Grand Opening of 2015 HAF Dental Clinic

We had a very good day today. It was the first of the three dental clinic days for our MT-3 mission trip. The clinic started at 8:00am, with us treating 9 Agape Promise children and Sandra’s daughter. As we were treating these children, the van went up the mountain to Teo and brought 10 children and some of their parents back to the clinic in Quimistan. When they arrived about 10:15am, the dentists then began treatment on these 10 children. Some of these children were in critical need of dental care. Two of the parents that came with the children who had dental pain also received treatment. The dentists worked until about 1:00pm treating these children.

Meanwhile, Marleni kept the younger kids, mostly those from Teo, busy coloring pictures while awaiting their turn in the chair.

We then took a short break back to the ranch

for lunch. At the same time, the van took the Teo children back up the mountain to their homes (with lunch provided by Gloria).

This afternoon, the dentists treated more AP children, including some new to the AP program who needed extensive treatment. Several of them who had been treated in prior years escaped with only a cleaning, as they required no additional work done. A couple of these are shown below with “thumbs up.”

The last child was finished in the dental chair about 7:30pm. It was a very long day, but very rewarding.

Total numbers treated today:

  • 10 children from the mountain village of Teo
  • 2 parents from Teo
  • Sandra’s daughter
  • 22 AP children
  • 2 AP university students
  • Total treated was 37
  • Also, 21 AP children received dental cleanings.

The team is tired after a long, but very productive day. We look forward to a good night’s rest and another good day tomorrow.

God is good!

Leroy & Tommy