Thank You GOD for our Wonderful Time in Honduras


Today was our final dental treatment day. We began the treatments again at 8:00am with some Hope for Honduras students, and some Honduras Agape adults that assist mission teams. About 10:15 the van bringing the children down the mountain from El Venado arrived and we began treating these children (and one adult parent that needed critical dental care). The El Venado children were completed about 3:00pm and were taken back up the mountain to their home.

The dental team then treated 7 Agape Promise children, and finished some dental treatments for some Honduras Agape adult helpers. The dentists also saw one additional child that asked for treatment. Our AP university dental student Laura assisted once again today.

The total that received dental treatment today was 25:

  • 5 Hope for Honduras children
  • 8 El Venado children and one adult (most needed extensive treatments due to severe dental condition)
  • 7 Agape Promise children
  • 4 Honduras Agape adult helpers
  • One additional child that asked for treatment
  • In addition to other dental work 13 students received dental cleanings.

A little after 4:00pm, the dental team began inventorying the remaining dental supplies, cataloging the dental supplies needed for next year, sterilizing all dental tools and equipment, and packing up everything. The team returned to Martha’s compound just before 6:30pm where we had a wonderful fish dinner prepared by Gloria and Sandra followed by a delicious bowl of Honduras ice cream as a special treat. Gloria is a great cook!

As we end this day and our time here in Honduras we thank God for a safe, rewarding and spiritually uplifting visit to Honduras. We also have been most thankful for being able to make new friends and renew existing friendships with these very special people here in this part of Honduras!   All of the members of our MT-3 team feel so grateful for all the blessings we have received while we have been here. We have made many great memories that we will never forget. Thank you God!

God is great!

Leroy & Tommy