The Dental Team Advance Party Arrives

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 Mission Team – 3 (the Dental Team) advance party (all 7 of us) arrived in Quimistan without any problems.  The renovations to the terminal in San Pedro Sula airport arrival area makes for much improved flow of traffic.  After a quick stop at Santa Clara to deliver some window curtains for the White Dove Multilingual School we safely arrived at Martha’s. Quickly unloading the van, we headed to the dining area for a much needed lunch/supper.  A team meeting was held after eating and plans were sorted out for the next several days.  
The team then went back to our sleeping quarters to unpack, make beds, and sort out the supplies we will need for Friday adventure to El Venado in the morning and Arena Blanca in the afternoon.  These are two newer villages that HAF is now assisting.
Joining us after dinner were Sam and Roxanne (old Aiken friends and long time major supporters of HAF) who are establishing a children’s home in Quimistan.  Great fellowship was enjoyed.
More tomorrow