The end of a successful Dental Team Mission Trip

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          Today we finished a most successful Dental Clinic.  One Hundred percent of all the Agape Promise children were examined, had their teeth cleaned, and restorative procedures performed as needed.  Additionally 15 children from La Montanita were treated as well as: Gloria’s daughter, two members of the hospital staff, and our own Dr. Tino – who had no cavities. 
          Randy, Tommy, Maynor, Dr Tino, and several AP students along with Gloria attended the Friday night Tejeras feeding, passing out clothing and sandals donated from St. John’s UMC and other Aiken area churches.
Our review showed that the AP students are caring well for their teeth as the number of restorative procedures was down and the number of no cavities was up.  Next year we will hang two charts on the dental clinic walls.  One will be titled “The NO Cavity Club”.  Children’s pictures who have no cavities will be posted on the charts.  Stars will be added for second and subsequent years without a cavity. ” The second chart will be called “The Valiente Club”.   The Valiente Club poster will contain pictures of children who exhibited bravery when visiting the dentist.

           After inventorying all the supplies, the dental clinic trunks were moved to the ranch for storage.  A very enjoyable dinner was had with Sister Martha, her husband Gary, and Dr Tino as our honored guests along with all the team members, our driver, and translator.  As an additional treat Sam and Roxanne joined us.  For dessert we enjoyed a homemade flam as the birth cake for Alan who turned 73 during the trip.

         Saturday we will have breakfast at 8:00, pack the bus, and depart for the airport in San Pedro Sula at 9:00.  It will be a tired bunch of travelers who will lose two hours of sleep Saturday night – time difference between Central Standard and Eastern Standard Time and the start of daylight saving time.  It will take a great effort to make church on time Sunday.