The final day

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                What a day.  Early in the morning we finished treating the last of the 53 Agape Promises children – each child was examined, had their teeth cleaned and all restorative procedure totally complete – a first for the dental team.  For the remainder of the day we examined, cleaned, and performed as much restorative dentistry as time permitted on each of the sixteen Post-6th Grade students from La Montanita.   


               The total number of procedures performed on the 76 students and adults were: 132 cavities filled, 11 tooth extractions, and naturally 76 cleanings. Eleven AP students had NO cavities (5 were repeaters from last year).  At 6:15 p.m. we closed the clinic, made inventory of which trunk had what supplies and equipment packed in it, cleaned the hospital rooms we occupied, and moved our “stuff” to the “ranch” for storage till next year.  
                Our two faithful care takers (Gloria and Sandra) had prepared an old fashion bar-b-que for dinner – what a treat!  After dinner, we packed our suitcases or trunks, relaxed with some great fellowship, and went to bed with much anticipation of our return home in the morning.