The First Mook of the Season

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As the darkness relinquished its control and gave way to the beautiful new day at 4:11 am this morning, the birds of many different feathers began to sing praises to the One who provides for all of their needs. And we, being created in the image of God should do the same and yet rather than relinquishing control of our lives and trust in Him the same way that the birds of the air do, we boastfully think we can do it on our own…  What a blessing and joy today has been, serving our Lord and the people of Honduras, making differences in people’s lives while bringing glory to His name.
The long wait is over… The planning and preparing have come to an end and today is when the rubber meets the road, today we share the Gospel of Christ in our words… actions… and deeds. After breakfast we piled into 2 mini vans and traveled to Santa Clara to begin working on the White Dove School renovation projects. We divided into 3 different teams once arriving. One team lead by Daniela, and assisted by Chris, Russell, Loraine, Becky and Pat began demo work in the kitchen and made preparations for the Justa Stove. Team 2 Lead by Hunter-zilla, Nick, Graylan, and Wilbur joyfully pounded on the ground with picks and shovels to dig a latrine pit for the new bathrooms that were already under construction by a Honduran man, whose name I can’t pronounce, much less spell, so we just called him HaHa. Team 3 consisted of the master Mooker, B-Rad Triplett, Jerry ‘Dusty’ Kilby, Tracy ‘Mac’ and Mark ‘El Blocke’ Reavill. Team 4 had a short mission of refurbishing the swing set at the school, they were Kay Passa, Madison, Lorie, and Coop.
By the end of the day, much progress had been made on all 4 projects. The demo was completed and a new top was poured so that the Justa Stove construction can begin in earnest. Team Zilla thrust their way through 4 feet of rock laden soil setting up round 2 of ground and pound tomorrow. Team Mook completed the upper layers of blocks on the new bathrooms, although they had a couple of minor setbacks (A scaffolding crash and communication error with Senor HaHa) but all in all, according to Daniela, our workmanship and quality was the talk of the town. The swing set was sanded, cleaned and repainted and new chains and seats installed. The children from the school should be able to enjoy it tomorrow after the new paint job has dried.

The first mook of the season
As the evening storms loomed close by, we packed up our tools and equipment and headed back to Villa Celia Defina to a welcomed shower and a wonderful meal prepared Ms Sandra and Gloria. The wait is over, we are back! Viva Honduras!