The Vision for Santa Clara

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Hola Amigos!

       Today, we took a trip to the White Dove School in Santa Clara. We were greeted by the sight of new classrooms which had been constructed through HAF last summer. Also, a bathroom with running water and the beginnings of a church are under construction. We observed the children ‘learning Spanish in an English school’ as the director likes to say. At present, there are 3 classes with 6 students apiece: Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade. They were all excited to tell us their names and ages in English! Then we played with bubbles and frisbees, until it was time for lunch. The children were happy to call us all ‘teacher’ and ask for a ‘balloon’ and to tell us ‘Thank you’ in English! It is so wonderful to see how the Lord has been working in these children’s lives as they are learning in such a nurturing environment!

        After lunch, we took a tour of the town with Ardyn, who has been teaching at the school this summer, and to see  the other construction projects from last summer. This includes Amalia’s home where 17 children and adults live in three small ‘houses!’ Also, the BioSand filters were observed in nearly every household, and we heard from several people that the cases of diarrhea in the children have dramatically decreased since their implementation. Gloria a Dios! Then we heard the vision for the White Dove School with dreams for all 12 grades and a University. God’s light is shining through these missionaries as they struggles to fulfill his calling!
        At dinner tonight, we celebrated Pablo’s 20th birthday! He has been a true blessing this week in our communication with so many people!
        We pray safe travels for Melanie as she travels back to the states in the morning.
        At 5:30 AM, Honduras plays in the world cup…some of us may be getting up to watch…Go Honduras!
 Hasta Luego!