This made us all cry

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This morning an 8 year old, first time AF student, returned to the clinic for his second session of restoration.  ALL of his teath required fillings or removal.  He sat in the chair yesterday and again this morrning without any fussing.  When he arrived this morning he brought us a letter which Allen B translated.  Everyone of us had a tear or two in their eye when it was read.  THIS IS WHAT MAKES TRAVEL TO HONDURAS.

Dear sponsors,
  I am very glad that you came to do this collaboration for the benefit of all the children.  I’m very grateful to you and God that He allows you all to be here.  Thanks to God and to you for having taken out the molars.  Thank you for everything you do for Honduras and I hope that you will continue to remember this country and that God brought you to me.  Many blessings on you, and may God help you with everything you want to do.  May He care for the health of your families and give many years more of life to protect them in all the places they go to.  God bless you and keep you and thank you for all that you do.
 Many blessings.