To El (Pinal) and Back

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We have returned to Quimistan from El Pinal. It is bar none the worst piece of road on which I have ever driven! It was all dirt road and must be horrid in the rainy season. I would not be comfortable driving when the road was wet. What am I talking about, I was not comfortable driving today!

It has not rained here for three days and there were several places where the mud holes had ruts a foot deep and the road dropped off at the side into a small drainage ditch. In other places the “road” was a narrow path in the center between two ditches about a foot deep. No room for error. At other places the road was a wall on one side and down the hill on the other. Obviously hacked out of the side of the hill for some reason, possibly a logging road.

They have a sewage system and apparently water but I believe there was no electricity. All over town, they were drying beans on tarps. It is apparently the industry of the town. I am told they get 12 lempira (about $0.64 ) for each pound. They also grow corn and probably some coffee. I saw some pigs and chickens. The town is very small, but there is a church of good size in a large field on one end of the town and small Catholic church at the other.

The people very much appreciated our visiting and caring for the children. The school principal presented Honduras Agape Foundation with a certificate of appreciation from the school for construction of the classroom. I am told that our construction forman came to this site daily on a bicycle during the project. I might walk it, but ain’t no way I would do it on a bicycle!