To God Be the Glory

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This Sunday was a busy and fun-filled day, sharing God’s love with children. We started by putting on a VBS for the children of “the Ministry by the Highway”. Approximately 85 children attended! We used the colored beads to tell the salvation story and sang songs with the children.
Then we divided into groups for games, coloring and making bracelets. The children were very attentive to the lesson and thoroughly enjoyed the activities. While making the bracelets, the children remembered the meanings of the colors of the beads and while playing a game with the parachute and ball, we continually heard “muy divertido!!”.

After lunch we practiced our lines for the Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego skit; our Spanish often quite amusing for the Honduraneans! 60 AP kids visited us in the afternoon, when we performed with great enthusiasm! Sam was an awesome King Nebuchadnezzar and the performance was enjoyed by all. Then we explained to the children that God has blessed us, so we wanted to return thanks to Him by singing “To God Be the Glory” (our theme song). We then shared a snack with the children and played games with them outside.

From there, half the group went to church at La Cosecha. It was an awesome outside service on a beautiful, warm evening. The other half of the group went to the hospital to set up for the eye clinic tomorrow.

So today was a full day of sharing His love and good news with many.

Cookita (Deirdre)

Additional pics added by Karen on 7/13