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day 6 (Thursday)


Today was spent at Los pinales helping with the construction of the new kindergarten.  The team dug trenches for the foundation and tying rebar!  Girls CAN do it!!  In the late afternoon we returned and met up with Sam and Roxanne to get a tour of tranquilidad!  It is a BEAUTIFUL place they are building!  We ended the evening with fried chicken and fries at the soccer stadium :D. Of course followed by soccer game!  Our old friend from Honduras came to play with the kids -they had a ball!!

Day 5 (Wednesday)

Today we visited the three presidents school that Graciella does a lot to support.  We toured the facility and saw the awesome play area they are working on.  we Also saw the classroom that HAF supported.  We saw there was a need for help to get a toilet there in working order and a need for a pila (Sink).  Finally we visited the kindergarten down the street a little and delivered tables and chairs for the kids there.  Again the folks are very appreciative!  School supplies are a need here as well so if anyone is interested in Helping out there is a lot of need.

Next we traveled to jacaro to do the hygiene clinic and VBS.  When we arrived the kids ran out to hug all of us!  The swing set that was installed there on the spring break trip from 2 years ago is still going strong!!

When we arrived back at the compound some folks worked on the corn hole boards which are looking awesome!  Maybe tomorrow night we can try them out!  We are going to need our rest tonight though because it’s back to the kindergarten foundation work tomorrow!!!  Night!!

Day 4 (Tuesday)

Tuesday brought more VBS!  We traveled to Luz de Valle (Vally of Light) school where we did our VBS and hygiene clinic.  Our kids have had a ton of fun interacting with the Honduran children here!  They played ball with them in the school yard for quite a while!  The school has PLENTY of needs though so Michael met with the teachers to determine how HAF might be able to provide them with assistance in the future.  We also checked out the ceiling fans that HAF had installed – what a difference it has made for those children!  We have all been thouroughly blessed by our time spent here.

After lunch we split the team with part working on the corn hole boards and the other half on the kindergarten foundation at las pinales.  LOTS of rocks in that dirt;) … Gonna be a big job!  While we were there working at las pinales a news crew showed up with the Mayor!  The Mayor agreed to provide the brick masons to lay the foundation for the kindergarten which will be a help for sure!  Maybe we will get to somehow see the news story while we are here!

Shortly after arriving back at Martha’s, Roxanne and Sam returned home so we visited with them for a bit.  Sam looks awesome and seems to be feeling well.  After dinner we ended the evening at the local soccer stadium where fun was had by all!! We first played soccer and then american football.  Lots of collisions, the most significant of which was when Kaylee laid out Jim (Ellie’s grandfather) … And I do mean laid out!!  He is a tough guy!! She didn’t mean to though and felt really bad – he has had Advil and is doing fine:)

Day 3 ( Monday)

Weekday #1 and we are getting down to business!  First thing in the morning we stopped at Teheras again to drop off school supplies.  The classroom is pretty bare and the supplies are greatly appreciated.  We got a great pic of everyone there so hopefully I’ll post it eventually.  Most of the school supplies donated were from a young girl in Aiken (she raised money for school supplies by selling crafts she made).  This shows how one person (even a 6th grader) CAN make a difference!  It’s like the song says when asking God what are you going to do (about a world of trouble etc) – and God said I made YOU! Awesome example.  We can’t necessarily change the world but we CAN each make a difference.

next we headed off to the mountain village of las pinales! There we first installed a swing set!  The kids were super excited about it but bummed they had to wait a day for the concrete to dry:(  We also had a hygiene clinic while at the school.  The kids were split into groups and went through stations to receive deworming medication, learn about hand washing, oral hygiene (brushing teeth) and receive flouride treatments.  Next we had VBS with the kids.  The lesson was essentially the Easter story with jellybean symbolization along the way.  Marlenie, one of our AP students who is now in University helped us tell the story.  We ended our VBS with a craft where we helped the kids make the empty tomb of Jesus complete with a roll away stone and pipe cleaner crosses!  We made fingerprint Angels on the tomb announcing that “El ha resucitado, tal comI dijo – Mateo 28:6”!!

We returned to Martha’s and spent the evening cutting out items for VBS! great Day!!

Day 2 (Easter Sunday)or

Skipping the pics for now as troublesome to upload and publish without the computer locking up or some other bad thing happening!!  Easter did not bring chocolate or Easter eggs but we had a great day with the people of Honduras!!  In the morning we stopped at Teheras where they had an Easter morning Sunday school class with the kids there.  Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place!!! No accompaniment – nothing but their voices — they were INTO what the music!  I will try to post the video clip of these kids -amazing!  Tim McClendon would have been proud of these kids (he gives the St johns 9:02 crowd a hard time about not getting into the music — these kids were for sure into it)!!!   after church there we helped with the “feeding” there (HAF supports meals for these kids 5 times a week).  We also passed out slap bracelets to the kids for Easter -they seemed to enjoy them!

After Teheras we set out to meet up with Graciella for the afternoon.  We met with several children and their families from the area who were either being sponsored (getting assistance with school costs) or needed a sponsor.  We also met with some kids to drop off gifts from the states (from their sponsors). It was truly a blessing to meet these families -so appreciative for any assistance they have been given!  As we went to different families we distributed dresses that were lovingly made by some ladies in Aiken!  We do have pics of this as well.  Graciella fed us a wonderful lunch while we were there as well!

In the evening we attended church with Graciella!  The folks there were SO welcoming!  They were truly glad To see us!  They even had the bible verses project in Spanish and English – very thoughtful.  Of course we couldn’t understand much – but there was a song we recognized from contemporary version Holy Holy Holy ( Santo Santo Santo) so we could participate!   Great day in Honduras!  The Lord is richly blessing our trip:)

Day 3 (Monday) and a little fill in from start of trip

Hola at the end of day 3 from Honduras! Sorry we haven’t been great bloggers but everyone SO tired at end of the day (wah wah). Rise and shine seems to keep coming earlier ( although granted still not as early as day 1 which was to quote little orphan Annie “just plain awful” – 3:30 wake up is bad for anyone but especially for those last minute types who didn’t get to sleep until 1:45 … Ok that was just me (Roz) and Jeff but “straight up” (to quote Jimi) early for everyone nonetheless! Evil forces were at work to prevent the printing of VBS “stuff” but Jeff came through with the procurement of a new printer and eventually everything was ready to go … A day late but not a dollar short so it worked out!

Saturday (day 1) Everyone met prior to the awakening of the chickens at 4:30:) some of us were perkier than others of us … Some of us a little nervous … But Jimi led us in a word of prayer before we left and I think from there we were all good! Ellie and Clayton’s parents I know were a little sad to see them go … But they knew their babies were in good hands (wait … Do they know us??? Just kidding;) Ford’s Dad (Bauer) drove us to the airport in Augusta so he had longer to say goodbye -thanks Bauer!!


We sat on the plane gate in Augusta for a bit – they informed us the computers were down so they were having to do a manual flight check which took a while – also apologized for the smoking hot cabin due to the loss of the auxillary power! But not to worry it was gonna be a great flight to ATL save for the extreme turbulence we would experience on take off and landing. HA! Poor Clayton had never flown before and Ford refused to hold his hand – he was strong though — and we made it safely!! Easy plane change in ATL, last taste of Good Ole American processed food in the food court, and we were off! Uneventful flight to San Pedro Sula – we made it through customs (picked the longest line of course) and finally we met up with Maynor and Daniel!


After a brief stop at Martha’s to drop the “stuff” and see Sandra and Gloria, the team set out to tour the Catholic Church in Quimistan. The church was really neat! Maynor arranged for a tour given by some ladies from the church and we were able to climb the 200 year old bell tower! It was super tight but fun. We were invited back to attend the easter eve service ( in the end most too tired but Michael, Daniel and Maynor – was candlelight).  We ended the day with dinner at Castillo home with Reyna and Edwin – they are always so gracious to open their home to us for pancakes and tortillas!! Yummy!

Easter Sunday 04.05.2015

Today was our first full day in Honduras. We saw the AP kids and some people in the group got to talk to their sponsor children. Also we delivered gifts to other children that people are sponsoring. Early this morning we visited Hope Honduras families with Graciela, who is the founder of that organization. We ate a wonderful lunch at her beautiful home. We had chicken, ripe baked Bananas and a fruity potato salad! Also today, we did the Tejeras feeding. This is for children who live on the side of a main highway. They go though a bible study and then eat food. They do this feeding 5 times a week and are looking to expand it to 7 times. This evening we went to a very nice church service. They provided the bible versese to us on a projector in English. Overall it was a very good start to the upcoming week!



The next mission team will travel to Honduras on April 4. This team includes Michael N., Ford V., David W., Jeff, Rosalind, Kaylee and Emily C., Jim G., Ellie K., Jimi W. and Clayton S.

The team will be involved in construction for a kindergarten in Los Panales (The Honeycombs). They will also conduct several hygiene clinics and Vacation Bible School events. Please pray for this team to have a fruitful and safe trip.

Michael Norton