VBS at Luz del Valle

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On Monday, Roxanne and I (Allen) went to the Luz del Valle (i.e., Light of the Valley) school for their Vacation Bible School class–Day 2. About 45 students showed up. At first they were apprehensive, not really knowing what to expect. That didn´t take long to change to enthusiasm and participation in memorization and games.
You can see here that Roxanne joined in during the games–to the extent of being captured in the trap. The kids loved her as much as she loves them.
As we find everywhere, all children love to have their picture made. Here are some from Luz del Valle.
But the bottom line here is not the fun and games. It´s the learning that´s going on all the time. For example, the chart here from 1st Corinthians taught them that Christ was victorious over death, and we can be confident that He is able to bring us victory over our difficulties.