VBS Brings ‘Light’ to Luz de la Valle

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Monday, Jan. 19

Being in Honduras is such a joy! We had 62 in attendance at Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the Luz de la Valle (Light of the Valley) school Monday. The 7 Agape Promises (AP) youth who volunteered to help were fabulous in leading the lessons, crafts, and games. Vilma should be in show business – she is very outgoing and a great teacher. She and Juan Miguel are senior AP kids, and both are wonderful young people. Juan is an enthusiastic and well-spoken leader.

There were 12-15 parents who attended VBS, and they were very engaged in the lesson. We felt that this was the first time many of these children had heard the Gospel message. Karen’s lesson taught about God’s love and creation, heaven, sin, Jesus’ sacrifice cleansing us from sin, and growing in our faith. Each concept was represented by a color, and the kids made bracelets using beads of each color. Our prayer is that the children will remember the lessons each time they wear their bracelets.

After VBS, the children had snacks, and we administered deworming and fluoride treatments.

We have had a blessed Monday, and look forward to 3 more VBS sessions at 3 other schools in the area this week.