Visits to Teo and El Venado (The Deer)

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This was the longest road trip of the week up the mountain to Teo and El Venado. 
 Here we are in the village of Teo (Texoxingales).
In an effort to strengthen the Christian education in the outlying community, HAF has begun providing curriculum to ages preschool through adolescence.  Above is the transfer of these materials in Teo.  We will be excited to learn about feed back, in April, when the evangelism chair meets with the teachers. 
Here we are arriving in El Venado.  Our purpose was to do medical activities and VBS.  Unfortunately, we did not accomplish this task because of a miscommunication — the school was locked and the teacher was gone.
Dan and Allen examined the bridge at El Venado, at the request of the construction committee, for possible future work.
Vilma, the wife of the Teo Patronato, provided lunch to us, at the last minute, and we are enjoying a meal in their home.
We bagged rice and beans last night and distributed it to people in El Venado and along the road to Teo.
A picture of our team, translators, and 2 AP helpers at Martha’s
3 little miracles that occurred today:
1 & 2.  We forgot to bring our lunch along, as well as the children’s snack for VBS.  VBS did not happen and lunch was generously provided by Vilma.  Later we realized we had also forgotten the CD player  – music would have been very difficult.
3.     A gentleman, who was a leader among the local coffee growers, came along while the men were inspecting the bridge and shared with them that the Honduran coffee growers association out of San Pedro Sula was going to build a better river level vehicle crossing (“Plancha” in Spanish) that would make the bridge unnecessary.