Watching for God

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Geckos abound in Honduras. These harmless little lizard-like creatures have the amazing ability to cling to any vertical surface (with the exception of Teflon) thanks to bristle-like structures on their footpads. No matter where they are (Teflon excluded) they are ‘firmly planted’.

This week we, too, are attempting to be firmly planted, fully engaged in all the encounters in which we find ourselves. Christian spiritual teachers describe this way of being as practicing the presence of God or the sacrament of the present moment – living with an awareness of God’s presence in the here and now and being open to the potential of the sacred in the ordinary.

We are witnessing God’s presence everyday here. Holy ground stretches for miles.

Is it stepping outside of our ordinary routine that makes us more receptive to God’s presence here? The invitation and the challenge to be open to God in the present moment awaits us on our return to Aiken.