We Made It

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Here we are in San Pedro Sula.  We were a bit late getting here, but all went smoothly.  We were thrilled to see Maynor and Daniel waiting for us.  After loading our luggage, we made the trip to Quimistan, met up with Roxanne and Sam, and settled in.  Gloria had a lovely meal of fried chicken, french fries, and fresh salad waiting for us.  Then, we were off to Tejeras to feed the children.  Upon arrival Sandra was just finishing up her bible study.  We proceeded to feed the children and watched the happiness in their faces as they were being served.  We noted the little boy who got severly burned, earlier, and he seems to have adjusted quite well. Please note, below, Gloria serving, 2 AP students that are helping out, as well as Pastor Wilmer. 

We all gathered in the early meeting and Dan informed us of how the week would go and what our responsibilites would be.  Tomorrow will be our organizational day.