Wednesday – Meeting with IHDER

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IHDER is an acronym for Instituto Hondureño de Desarrollo Rural, or Honduran Institute of Rural Development.
On Wednesday morning, we met with the IHDER people, who have performed research on some of the villages where we have worked.  Our intent was to learn about these projects and the progress that has been made on them, and gain some insight into what they have learned.  They were forthcoming about the problems which they have encountered in collecting information and expectation for completion of the last data gathering and report preparation in the next month for “Teocingales”, as it is spelled on their map.  We also saw their office facilities, which are in a house in Quimistan.

Wednesday evening, we invited Margeaux Yost, the local Peace Corps worker, to dinner, where we swapped many interesting stories, hints for mission work, and tidbits of information.