Working as God’s Servants

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Hello blog followers! I’m writing to tell you about a particularly moving portion of our stay in Q-town.
This morning was consumed with ministering to the people of Tejeras Village. Tejeras is a community of homes directly alongside the highway a couple of miles outside of Quimistan. Our goal was to share God’s love with as many of the people in the town as possible and we accomplished that by taking bags of rice and beans (2 lbs each) along with pamphlets about our Agape Foundation and “Making Peace with God”- by Billy Graham. With the help of our tireless translator, Pablo, we were able to communicate that we were visiting them because we love them as Jesus loves us. We also were able to conduct a “mini-census” that covered things like the number of men, women, boys, and girls in each home. The questions also included the number of people that work, attend school, attend a church, and whether they had light/water/latrines. We wished that we could clothe each of the children and provide substaintial food for all of the families, but we tried our best to show compassion through baggies of soap/shampoo and lots of balloons for the kids.
Each of us left with the haunting gazes of malnourished children and their exhausted parents fresh in our minds. I know that these images will encourage me to continue to support the Agape Mission. These children of God do not have worldly blessings, but rather struggle daily to find their next meal. However I take comfort in knowing that we all can build up treasures in heaven and will one day be together in Christ. I hope that the photos below speak to you much more eloquently than my words.
Love, Brittany

The first gentleman that we “censused” who lives alone in this home. He obliged Melanie with a fotografia.

A boy with one of our “bombas” in a typical dwelling of the Tejeras community.

This little girl was napping in a hammock outside with Mom close by her side.

The girl in this picture was home alone to care for the young children while her parents were working. She did not know how old she was.  We later found out she was 8.

A boy waits as his mother collects water to carry home for cooking and laundry.

 A family carries water back from the river.

Another boy carrying water. Note how small he looks compared to the speeding cars on the highway.

This lady has water and a large bag of recyclable plastic bottles. Many people collect these bottles and turn them in for cash as a means of income.