Wrap Up Day means Inventory!

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We spent the morning cleaning up and inventorying supplies.  Today was the hottest day yet in Quimistan but the weather has been a blessing in that we did not get any of the heavy seasonal rains.

We totally emptied our storage area (under some stairs at Martha’s) and made sure the dental trunks had not been disturbed. The Evangelism materials were inventoried and organized for the next time VBS is delivered. The Team supply trunk was also inventoried.

Today we met with the Red Cross to start to understand what they are doing and especially what data they are collecting.

The trip has gone well with over 350 Hondurans being touched by the medical activities and over 200 attending Vacation Bible School sessions. We ended the day at the Tejeras Feeding.  Tejeras is a very poor group of homes along a major highway.  The feedings sponsored by the Foundation occur three times a week.  Our mission Team blog ends with the many faces of Tejeras.

MT2 signing off – may the Lord bless all who help the poor and bless the poor with His grace!