A Gift From God

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Too often we take the things people do for us for granted. Last night, we took time out of our busy schedules to recognize Maynor, our HAF coordinator here in Quimistan. He manages all of the requests from each of the Foundation committee chairs with efficiency and care. Whether it is to schedule a vacation bible school, coordinate a construction project, schedule the doctor and nurse to visit a village, or assist in the coordination of a mission trip, Maynor handles it all with a smile.

Maynor will be completing his second year of support to the Foundation next week. On February 4, he will be celebrating his 28th birthday.

A dinner was held tonight with all of the missionaries to honor his service to the Foundation. Allen and committee chairs spoke glowingly about his contributions to their efforts in supporting their programs and activities.

God works in wonderful ways. We are blessed he sent Maynor to us to assist us in spreading the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Honduras.

June and Ken