A trip to the mountains

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Our first full day started early with a 7:00 a.m. devotion and pancake breakfast – just the spiritual and nutritional meal needed for a long day.  We departed our home away from home (Delfina Village – Missionary Home) at 8:15 for the hour and 20 minute drive through Pinalejo then up and up and up the bumpy road- to the mountain village of El Venedo where we were met by some 30 eager children who, with a smattering of their mothers, were “treated” to our HAF hygiene clinic.   
The children learned the proper technique of hand washing which was ably demonstrated by our AP student assistant Marleni.  This was followed by chewing a de-worming tablet.  It was amusing to see the eager faces expecting a sweet piece of candy turn to sour looks of surprise.  Obviously, the tablets were not sweet. 
Then they were instructed on how to properly brush their teeth. They finished off swishing with a fluoride solution.   The teeth brushing was instructed by a first time missionary Patty, who is a dentist.  She performed several sample field examinations in preparation for her discussion with our regular dentists when they arrive Wednesday.   
The discussion may lead to an every other month visit by a local dentist to our HAF supported villages along with our dear Dr. Tino.  After we completed the hygiene clinic the team performed vision exams for about 25 adults, dispensing some 21 pairs of much needed glasses.
During the vision clinic some of the team members enjoyed entertaining the children.   The older team members, long removed from childhood games, were thankful for Patty’s wonderful ability to engage the children in the standby game of Duck Duck Goose (Pato, Pato, Gonzo).  It was interesting that the children automatically knew to use pato for the boys and pata for the girls.  Jump rope quickly revealed which children were the most athletic.  All tried and delightful squeals of laughter echoed around the school yard as everyone tried to see who could jump the longest without missing.  Drawing faces on balloons brought smiles of appreciation and you would have thought they were rushing to get the signature of a rock star!  We are not sure who had more fun, the children or the adults.
Bidding our fond farewells we descended part way down the mountain to have lunch at a new HAF supported village of Arena Blanca.  After lunch we examined the eyes of some 45 adults and dispensed 39 pairs of glasses.  We returned to Quimistan tired but fulfilled around 4:30. At dinner we were joined by our Honduran Administrator’s wife Jessy and there dear baby girl Arleth (who is 5 months old).
At our end of the day wrap-up session, Dr. Tino expressed his appreciation for all the work that the HAF teams are providing and especially the love with which it is given.  The quote of Mother Teresa comes to mind:  “Everyone can’t do great things but everyone can do many things with great love.”  Our prayer is that we will be filled with Christ’s love to share while we minister in the area of Quimistan and surrounding mountain villages.