A Visit to White Dove & Santa Clara

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                With a morning mist falling that occasionally changed to a gentle rain we drove for an hour to Santa Clara and the White Dove School.  The White Dove School is a private missionary supported institution that provides multilingual instruction in English, French, and Spanish for pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade.  In each of the next 3 years, grades 4, 5, and 6 will be added.  Each class is in a self contained building along with a cafeteria and a house of worship. The children study their subjects in all three languages.  The missionary team care for an additional 8 children who live with them.  New expanded living quarters are currently under construction.  The HAF mission team conducted a hygiene clinic for all 44 children.  

 After leaving White Dove we stopped in “downtown” Santa Clara public school and held another hygiene clinic for 71 children.  
 On the way down the mountain we were detained by some ranchers loading cattle to take to market.
                After a late lunch we moved all the dental supplies to the hospital in preparation for the arrival of the dental professionals tomorrow. (Hey, doc.  Those are very heavy trunks; did you pack bricks?)