A Whirlwind Day!

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We only thoughtthis was going to be a slow day.
In the morning, several members of the team met with the local Tejeras workers to discuss the Tejeras feedings.  The objective was to identify opportunities to improve the feeding program with an eye to better serve the children and to improve their educational and spiritual needs.  Many good ideas were generated.

Later, we visited Tranquilidad to view the progress on the children’s home.  Much progress has been made in its construction with a team of local workers digging foundations in rocky, red ‘Georgia clay’.

From mid-morning through lunch, a number of children sponsored by team members came to the Celia Delfina mission home for a visit.  Conversation, lunch, laughter, and joy were shared as time slipped away. 

Quickly, the team raced to attend Martha’s Bible Study.  Well over 100 children were in attendance.  The lesson was marked with song, dance, and prayer.  A small meal for the children was also provided.  The team members were honored during the program.

While most of the team was at the Bible Study, Dan was busy preparing for the arrival of the Dental team.  New dental lights were fabricated and a portable dental stool readied.  The two dental chairs at the local clinic were confirmed to be operable.
Finally, the team relaxed at the beautiful home of Graciela de Paz.  We enjoyed supper and discussions about her projects to help the needy in Honduras.  Her efforts are supported by HOPE Honduras, “Ayudando a Nuestra Gente.”

Now, we are packing getting ready to return home to family and friends. Our eyes have been opened once again to the realities of the world; but, at the same time, we are blessed to be able to assist in God’s work.
Tom & Dan