All in Day’s Work

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Lots of work was done today. Once again, the group separated in construction for houses one and two, flouride and deworming treatment in the morning, and eye clinic in the afternoon.

Kathy and Mike returned to House #2 to finish up some work needed there. After this morning, no more assistance is needed at that home. House #1 had lots of help available. Sam, George, Jenn, Vanna, and I (Jenna) went over to make ourselves useful. Even the children wanted to help as they carried concrete blocks over to the house with us. Since there were so many people, Vanna and I opted to play with the children for a little while. Armed with Bubbles and a beach ball, the children went wild and were very excited to play games. They especially enjoyed “mono en el medio” (monkey in the middle) with their own rules to the game. Needless to say, all of us were extremely tired from our various activities. At left, Joey tries to interest the kids in a photo.

Morgan, Roxanne, Andrea, Blakely, Brittany, Joey, Arturo, and Suyapa (Arturo’s wife) went up to Pinal to deliver more fluoride and deworming treatment for about fifty school kids. Despite stories of rocky roads up to Pinal, the path was smoothed out for them thanks to the municipality. The teacher in the school their had contacted them a few days ago asking for them to do that. Much to our surprise, the one who okayed the deal has become a very valuable resource for us. His daughter, Andrea, has translated for us the past two days in the clinic. He is also Martha’s cousin. Afterward distributing the medicine, everyone played various games with the children there as well. Bubbles and jump roping were among the top favorites.

Today was the last day for the eye clinic. We were able to see and assist 79 patients today. That brings the eye clinic’s total to 311 patients assisted. It was very exciting to know that we helped that many people in and around Quimistan.

Even though so much has already been done, we know that we can’t do everything. It is very fulfilling to see the small steps taken to completing a larger vision. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s excitement at Copan (the Mayan ruins).

Jenna Francis
Pictures chosen and input given by Morgan Fletcher