April Mission Trip – April 6 thru 13

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The next mission trip starts on Sunday, April 6. 

Team Members:  Michael, Jimi, Allie, Dave, Andrea, Brianna, DeeDee, Ford, Heather, Jeff and Kaylee
Here is a brief schedule (subject to change, of course):
Sunday, 4/6
Arrive at Quimistan
Agape Promises Meeting at 2:00
Monday, 4/7
Morning: Hygiene and VBS at Three Presidents (60 students) / Deliver Swing Set
Visit Los Panales school (batteries)
Tuesday, 4/8
Morning:  Hygiene and VBS at Los Hornos (164 students)
Afternoon: Construction for Tejeras (tables)
Wednesday, 4/9
Construction at Arena Blanca (toilets / screens) / Deliver Swing Set
Thursday, 4/10
Morning:  Visit Teo
Afternoon:  Construction at Arena Blanca (toilets / screens)
Friday, 4/11
Construction for Tejeras (tables)
Tejeras feeding at 4:00
Saturday, 4/12
Take AP kids on a field trip to the beach.
Sunday, 4/13
Team Leaves for Aiken
Please pray that we will have a safe and productive trip.