Assessment Team Off to Good Start

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As most of you know by now, the Assessment Team, consisting of Jerry, Allen, Karen, George, and Tommy, arrived safely on Sunday afternoon, settled in and discussed our plans and goals for the week.  The Internet connection was very slow or non-existent for the first couple days, possibly caused by the rain, clouds, and fog.  We will try to catch you up to date in the next day or two.
Monday Morning
Our first stop was Teoxingales, or Teo, for those of us that have problems with Spanish pronunciation.  We have accomplished much with these people, and we discussed future construction needs.  The main water line requires a special tool for repair, and numerous homes still require latrines and Justa Stoves.  These needs and other work were discussed with Juan Jose Carbajal, the head of the Patronato, at a meeting in the recently upgraded lunch room.  The attached picture shows Juan in a child’s school chair.  The other picture shows Janet, the school teacher with two of her students in front of the kitchen stoves. 

While at Teo, Karen and Allen led a second meeting to evaluate community needs for Bibles and Sunday School literature.  Several pastors and teachers were in attendance.
Later, we toured 3 of the churches in town, and finished up with coffee and sweet rolls with Juan Jose and Vilma, where we also shared the PB&J sandwiches that had been packed for our lunch.


We also noted the new pila was working very well.