Back to Nueva Esperanza

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We began the day by sharing our memories of Phil Cozad. We traveled back to Nueva Esparanza to take additional varnish stain for the tables, and to accept teacher Sonia’s invitation to lunch with her and other villagers. It was inspirational to see the joy and appreciation on Sonia’s face as she thanked HAF for everything that we have done for her school. Sonia had cooked lunch for everyone and we all ate on the new tables.We used eight of the new tables while the villagers were painting the other seven in another classroom. On the 1.5 hour trip there and back, we again had overheating problems with the same vehicle that overheated yesterday. We just stopped at a small village and at a creek to cool and refill the radiator. This seems to be a routine process and the driver was not bothered by the problem. P.S. Catherine taught teacher Sonia how to crochet a lace necklace as we made the trip back home.