Big City Shopping Spree

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As a treat for the AP children who helped make our VBS week a success, three team members and translators accompanied them to San Pedro Sula on Saturday for a time of shopping and lunch at the local mall. For many of these kids, this was a treat that occurs only a few times a year.

For those of us from the U. S., it served as a brief reminder of the things we take for granted – – shops full of clothes, books, specialty items, and food to suit any taste. Interestingly, when given a choice of food at the food court, most of the kids opted for Pizza Hut, Quizno’s, or Burger King. Pepsi was, of course, still the preferred drink of the day. The sights and sounds of our brief time there presented a stark contrast to the simpler village life we’ve become accustomed to since our arrival here.