‘Dan Solo’ – sort of

As always I had an interesting drive up to Quimistan with members of the Tranquilidad board. I have traveled with them to be present for the dedication of the Tranquilidad children’s home on Sunday. The home looks great and is in some ways stunning considering the condition of the land that was purchased just a few years ago. Tranquilidad (TQ for short) is an ‘related’ to HAF because TQ was founded by the Turnipseed’s who were involved in the early years and founding of HAF.

A tremendous amount of work, frustration, sweat, tears and prayers have yielded a home that will care for needed children in the Quimistan Valley. I think I can speak for all of HAF, when I say we wish them the best and know that His hand will continue to guide their mission.

Maynor and I will the opportunity today to travel to many of the 2015 construction efforts that HAF has been able to support. Truly amazing how much your donations, along with the hard work of the mission teams and the local villagers, have produced this year. More to come…. from a place far, far away ….. but very close to my heart.