Dia Siete – Travel and Preparation

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Our primary job for Dane, George, and Tommy today was to take all the dental supplies to the new hospital and set up for the dentists, as they made their way to Quimistan today. This is a very nice facility, with 2 chairs that actually move up and down, and even an air conditioner!

We unpacked the trunks, killed about a million ants that had taken up residence under one of the chairs, and had most of the instrument sterilization completed by the time Karen, Charlie, and Randy arrived safe and sound around 5:00 p.m.  We hope the rest of their luggage follows their example tomorrow.  🙁
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lee was nearing completion of a very nice teacher’s desk for the White Dove School in Santa Clara.

Peace Corps worker Katy Wooten joined us as a guest for dinner, and brought us up to date on her activities. (Katy’s the one on the right.)  🙂
We’re thankful for more safe travel today, and glad our team is now complete (well, except for the 2 trunks, anyway.)

We’re all looking forward to a busy day tomorrow.