Dia Tres – A Wet Day in La Montanita

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On this pleasantly cool, drizzly day, Dane, Lee, and Tommy visited the village of La Montanita. One of the problems this community has is an inadequate delivery system for their water, which comes from a spring over a mile away. A new 2-inch supply line is planned to supplement the existing 1.5-inch line. From today’s discussions with the town leaders, they are ready, willing, and able to provide the labor for installation, once we supply the funding. They have organized 7 teams of 10 people, with a coordinator for each team. The teams will each work one day of the week, and rotate until the job is complete. Maynor will arrange the purchases and oversee the work, which should begin in a week or two.

Justa stoves are another success story for this community. Following the first 3 installations, the local builders have learned to do them on their own. 

Of the 8 additional stoves recently approved, supplies for 6 of them have already been purchased and delivered.  The first of those 6 stoves was completed today. In fact, as Dane soon discovered, it was still wet! This stove was even modified to include an oven where the fire for her original stove had been built. (Note the hole in it’s side.) We were impressed by their ingenuity, as well as their hard work!

While visiting one of the other homes hosting a new stove, we were treated to home grown and ground Honduran coffee.  It was muy excelente!  As you can see, Lee is hard at work, as usual. 

In the mean time, Tommy was playing with bubbles, using the kids as an excuse to get them out. Dane was forced to take pictures and not allowed to play with the other kids.

We then went up to see Reyna and her “sewing circle”. She had eight or so ladies working with her as well as others working from home. She had 25 tortilla mats completed, and we bought her entire stock. As a gift, we brought her some more yarn, and she promised that by the next trip she would have more mats and also some tote bags.

Thanks to Dane’s excellent driving, we made it up and down the slick, muddy, winding road with no problem.  All in all, it was a very successful and rewarding trip.

Dane and Tommy